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Wildcat Shredding provides DESTRUCTION OF CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS TO PROTECT YOU OR YOUR COMPANY, and is dedicated to reducing your risks and costs. We work with you to make your business compliant in the safest way possible, while cutting your expenses and saving you time. We train our employees to ensure that all documents, and any privacy threat have been completely destroyed. We also recycle everything we shred to promote an environmentally safe and prosperous world.

When it comes to yourself or your small business it is key to use a business that is there when YOU NEED THEM. You can rely on Wildcat Shredding to be at your door and on the phones when you need us most! We are here to serve and protect all of our clients 24/7!

One-Time Shredding Service

Whether you’re a small business that has accumulated piles of old documents and files over the years, to individuals looking to purge decades of no longer needed personal records and sensitive documents, Wildcat Shredding has a cost-effective, secure and convenient solution for you.
Ideal for:
  • smaller companies that do not need recurring destruction of documents
  • residential users
How does one-time shredding work?
  1. Gather all the documents you’d like to shred in one convenient location. Remove binder clips, metal file hangers and any metal larger than your average staple or paperclip.
  2. Fill out our secure online form.
  3. Receive a call from us confirming and setting up your shredding service.
Perfect Solution When:
  • implementing new file management systems
  • going completly digital
  • destroying documents from recent settlements or tax matters
  • consolidating data or records
  • relocating you or your business
  • finally cleaning out that old storage room
How much does one-time shredding cost?

95-Gallon Container or up to 350 lbs.

Size of most curbside garbage bins, or roughly 6-8 Banker’s Boxes.

The cost of one-time shredding is determined by the amount of material you have to shred. We realize most people will not know how many pounds of paper they have. We’ve found that a 95-gallon container holds approximately 350 lbs. of paper. And this container is roughly the size of a standard rolling, curbside garbage bin. It’s also about the amount of paper you can fit in 6-8 banker’s boxes. Our pricing is based on how many of these containers you would need to fit all of the papers you want to shred.

1-2 Containers: $90 total
3-10 Containers – $40 each
10 or more: Custom Quote

Recurring Shredding Service

If your organization regularly needs to destroy documents containing sensitive or private information, then recurring shredding may be right for you. Many business and organizations handle documents containing personal information. And many privacy laws dictate that this information be handled and disposed of in a secure manner. The best way to minimize your and your customer’s risk is by enlisting a NAID certified shredding company to securely destroy unneeded sensitive documents, on a regular basis.

How does recurring shredding work?
  1. Determine the number and type of shredding bins that would work best for you.
  2. Determine how frequently you will need to shred based on the number of bins you have.
  3. Fill out our secure online form.
  4. Receive a call from us setting up delivery of your bins and shredding schedule.
Perfect Solution For:
  • medical facilities
  • organizations that regularly handle confidential information
  • law offices
  • any organization that has regularly expiring documents
How much does recurring shredding cost?
The cost of recurring shredding is determined by the number and type of containers you need. We bill per pickup based on the number of containers. We schedule recurring service on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. However, if you ever need an extra shredding day, you can call to add one into your schedule. You can mix and match the different container options. If you need a total of more than 10 containers, call or email to take advantage of our volume discount.

95-Gallon Container

Size of most curbside garbage bins, or roughly 6-8 Banker’s Boxes, and holds roughly 350 lbs. of paper.

Price Per Pickup:
First Container: $50, Each Additional Container: $25 each.
Shredding Console

32 Gallon container, holds approximately: 100 lbs. of paper. 36”H x 201/2”W x 16”D

Price Per Pickup:
First Container: $45, Each Additional Container: $15 each.

Service Time: Do you need off hours or weekend pickups? What is their average scheduling time? If you need service in the next day or two make sure they have availability.

Type of Shredding: Is the shredding done at your site (mobile shredding) or theirs (offsite shredding).

Type of Shred Bin: If you need recurring service, what type of shredding bin do you need? Ask what type of shredding bins do they provide. Are the bins provided free or will you need to lease them?

Empty Boxes: If your shredding is in boxes, you need to ask if they can take the boxes with them to be recycled. Or conversely, let you keep them.

Recycling: Do they recycle what they shred?

History: What is the contractor’s experience with shredding and document management? How long have they been doing business in your area? Ask for references.

Pricing: How do they charge for their service? Are there any additional charges you should expect?

Additional Services: Do you need a shredder that can also handle hard drives, computers or products?

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