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The penalties and fines a business can incur when breaching privacy laws in the US are on the rise and enforcement of these penalties has become more stringent. Many business owners are not aware of their legal obligations, or of the most updated legal requirements. Find out more about the laws ­ and potential repercussions of violating those laws ­ regarding confidential information and privacy here.

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FACTA – The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act

This act contains a number of provisions to help Fight identity theft and consumer fraud. The act requires the destruction of papers containing private consumer information. This law binds virtually all businesses and organizations. Potential penalties for violating the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act include up to $1,000 for actual damages plus punitive damages and the costs of action.

Find out more information about FACTA here:

HIPAA – The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

This act is a federal law that governs the handling of confidential medical and personal information and records. There are no distinctions between sizes of healthcare providers when it comes to HIPAA compliance. Potential penalties for violating the HIPAA Act is a range of minimum civil monetary penalties to a maximum of $1.5 million for all violations.

Find out more information about HIPAA here:

GLB – The Gramm-­Leach­-Bliley Act

This act legislates the handling of all personal information. More comprehensive than HIPAA, this law mandates that all financial institutions establish procedures for protecting personal information, including the protection of discarded information. Potential penalties for violating the GLB Act includes fines or imprisonment. Individual fines can be up to $1,000,000.