Hard Drive Destruction Shredding Services

Whether you’re looking for shredding for yourself or for your business, we offer a variety of services that:

1. Reduce your costs
2. Ensure compliance in appropriately destroying of any confidential documents
3. Promote an environmentally safe and prosperous world

When it comes to you and your business, you can trust that we’ll work with you to make your business compliant in the safest way possible, reducing any risk of privacy threats. We’re here to serve and protect all of our clients, 24/7, and provide you with peace of mind knowing that you can rely on us to be at your door and on the phone when you need us most.

Another way you may store your confidential data is digitally via hard drives. It may seem like disposing of information on a hard drive is as simple as a “right-mouse-click” and “delete.” However, this isn’t the case. As a business owner, it’s extremely important that any hard drives and its associated data are disposed of properly.

Deleting the files on a hard drive and smashing it before tossing it out doesn’t completely ensure that your data is safe. Working with a reliable, NAID-certified company gives you the peace of mind that you need in confirming that proper procedures are taken to protect your business’ and your clients’ information.

Not only can you trust that Wildcat Shredding will get the job done correctly, but being backed with a NAID certification means that we follow best practices and industry guidelines to keep you safe.

How does hard drive destruction/shredding work?

  1. Gather your hard drives that you’d like to have destroyed.
  2. Request a quote or give us a call.
  3. After completing the form, you’ll receive a call from us to confirm and set up your shredding service.

How much does hard drive destruction/shredding cost?

1-5 Hard Drives – $20.00 each

6-20 Hard Drives – $16.00 each

21-30 Hard Drives – $14.00 each

31-50 Hard Drives – $12.00 each

51- 75 Hard Drives – $10.00 each

76-100 Hard Drives – $7.00 each


NAID, the National Association of Information Destruction, is the standard setting body for the information destruction industry. Having a NAID AAA Certification verifies that our company has met the qualifications as certified information destruction providers. This certification, paired with a comprehensive audit program, ensures that companies meet several laws and regulations requiring the protection of confidential customer information, including HIPAA, FACTA and PCI compliance.

Regardless of how you decide to destroy your documents, paperwork and confidential information, the most important thing is that these documents are destroyed in a secure manner in accordance with privacy laws. With Wildcat Shredding’s mobile shredding service, your documents are kept secure. And, because shredding occurs onsite, you are able to see your documents being destroyed, with no questions about chain of custody.