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Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How long do I need to keep my sensitive documents for?

A: The time required to store sensitive documents is based on specific legal requirements and the pertinence of your documents to your business. See our Information Security Laws page for more information on the statues regarding destruction of sensitive information. Documents must be carefully destroyed when they are no longer needed, or when the appropriate time has passed. Failing to do so could cause a litany of problems for your company including legal action if your company experiences a litigation or audit.

Q: We have a successful recycling program; why should we start shredding our documents?

A: Recycling companies are not designed for or required to provide secure document destruction. There is never any proof that your sensitive material was destroyed and this can be serious liability issue for your company. The very safest option is to shred all sensitive documents.

Q: We use an office shredder; why should we switch to outsourcing our shredding?

A: There are several good reasons, the most important being: *Protecting your company against employee theft or unauthorized employees viewing sensitive information while they are shredding your documents. *Saving your company money. Shredding in house requires buying and maintaining equipment. It also requires paying an employee to not only shred, but also clean up and dispose of the shredded paper. For example, a standard sized file box holds 30lbs of paper. To manually shred just 3 file boxes would take nearly 7 valuable hours of your employee’s time. We can do the same amount of shredding in just minutes, at just a portion of the cost. This allows your employee to focus on more important jobs. *Security after the documents are shredded. Strip shredding is not secure. The typical small shredder that most companies have in their offices shred documents into vertical strips, which can be easily reassembled and then be used to steal information. Our professional equipment destroys documents in a such a way that they can never be reconstructed, and we then recycle the shreddings safely.

Q: Should we remove the paperclips, staples and other fasteners from our documents?

A: No, our industrial strength shredder can destroy these types of materials.

Q: What size jobs does Wildcat Shredding do?

A: No job is too big or too small. We offer 3 types of shredding services so that we can adequately meet your needs: one­time shredding, off­site shredding, and on­site shredding. Whether you are an individual or small company in need of occasional shredding, or an organization in need of ongoing destruction of paper products, Wildcat Shredding is the company you can trust to provide precisely what you need in the safest way possible.

Q: Are there restrictions on the color or type of paper I can have destroyed?

A: No, sorting is not required. We can safely destroy all of your documents.

Q: What happens if our container is full before our scheduled service time?

A: If your container fills up faster than expected, contact us. We will schedule an extra service time. If this becomes a frequent issue, we can work with you to find the best schedule for your company’s needs.