Why Wildcat Shredding?

Wildcat Shredding is NAID Certified, and has a dedicated team that provides secure destruction services while helping you meet both legislative and corporate information privacy requirements. We support you in a joint effort to improve your privacy and productivity. Wildcat Shredding offers trusted enterprise solutions with attentive, small business responsiveness to every client. Shredding with us not only saves you time and money, it helps save the environment too. We recycle the documents we shred at Wildcat Shredding.
Cost-Effective, Secure And Convenient
Best For Organizations That Require Ongoing Desctruction
For Organizations That Require Immediate Desctruction

What Should You Shred?

Why Choose a NAID Certified Company?

When it comes to service provider qualifications, choose the certification program with strength and integrity.


On any day of the week, a NAID AAA Certified company could be audited. A global network of 17 accredited security consultants conduct biannual scheduled and random audits in the field and at all facilities. Free audit reports are available to clients.


The program requires written policies and procedures for each company to ensure incident response preparedness, employee training, and regulatory compliance.


Accredited auditors review employee background screening and training, compliance with written procedures, access controls, operational security, destruction equipment, and confidentiality agreements.


A customer may request an audit report to monitor the service provider and to ensure they meet the regulatory risk assessment requirements.


A customer may monitor compliance by subscribing to email notifications of the service provider’s certification renewal, audit, or lapse.


The Certification Review Board and the Certification Rules Committee oversee the program’s integrity, both of which contain industry veterans and outside, accredited professionals.


All documents and specifications are available to the public for free and online. Audit reports and monitoring services are also provided to clients at no charge. The association’s financial records and board of director’s meeting minutes are available online as well.


More than 1,000 operations on five continents are NAID AAA Certified, including mobile, plantbased, paper, and computer destruction services. NAID AAA Certification is required by hundreds of government offices and thousands of private contracts.


NAID AAA Certification is acknowledged by many accreditation programs, such as those offered by the International Association of IT Asset Managers, the Institute of Certified Records Managers, and the R2 IT asset recycling program certification offered by the Sustainable Electronic Recycling Institute (SERI).
For more information, contact the Certification Department at 602-788-6243 or certification@ naidonline.org. Additionally, Bob Johnson, NAID’s founder and CEO who is widely acknowledged as the leading authority on data destruction operations and regulations, can help members explain the value of their certification to clients.